JAZZ is about BEING
in the MOMENT
— Herbie Hancock


I’m Pablo.

"One of my grandmothers was a piano teacher: she taught me the basic notions of music theory when I was about 10 years old. Playing at her place I found my first melodic and the first jazz vinyl I remember. My other grandmother had a wall piano in a storage room: at about 15 years old I locked myself there to play on my own, with a free approach, without really knowing nor what nor how.
It was revealing."

Pablo Volt aka Pope is a self-taught musician and producer, originally from Argentina and based in Barcelona.

From the age of 18 he studied solfege, trumpet and harmony, making a deep exploration of the DIY at all levels: playing, recording, composing, improvising.
His intense search in the production and mixing of songs is normally dub in the way of making music and punk in the spirit.
He participated in projects such as BIB, IED8, Dub Corao, Holy, Sally Thompson or Bradien + Eduard Escoffet. All of them underground and visceral.
He is currently part of STA, Kou Keri Kou, Barba Corsini, Fuego, Coure, Yoga4Music among many others.

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I'm Lara.

"Ever enthusiastic about physical activity without competition and introspection, I first connected with the science of Yoga when I was still living in Italy, my homeland. And thanks to my ex boyfriend’s uncle.
It was such an inclusive match for my interest in philosophy and psychology also that there was nor turning back nor other such unconditional love in my life so far. My passion for live music apart. "

Lara Crepaldi is a certified teacher in Therapeutic Hatha Yoga*, Mindfulness for Stress management and Vipassana Meditation .

It was once established in Spain that she deepened her practice. Since 15 years she’s been studying and sharing Yoga in an Integral way to work on the emotional and mental worlds from the physical body. Her classes and workshops are focused on alignment, breathing and concentration.
Naturally adventurous, she has been traveling a lot especially in Asia, being India her favorite destination and highlighting there her periodic stays at Sri Aurobindo’s and Swami Sivananda’s ashrams.
Founder of PAUSASANA and YOGA4MUSIC projects, she collaborates with dancers and musicians to improve their postures, performance and stage presence.
She coordinates adventure trips in spiritual India and teaches courses in several schools in Barcelona.

* (elements of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy applied to Yoga)

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