Yoga4Music promotes PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL WELLNESS of musicians, djs, dancers and performers.
Its engine is our LOVE for music and our PASSION for the integral HEALTH of everyone who composes, interprets or mixes it.

Yoga4Music empowers the artist's routine and potential by tailored plans focused on:

• the management of STAGE FRIGHT and performance anxiety
> activating the parasympathetic nervous system and its primary function: energy saving and relaxation

• the (re) ALIGNMENT of the BODY
> compensating the biomechanical imbalances and the musculoskeletal disorders due to the postural habits of each artist

Through Therapeutic YOGA and Mindfulness of SOUND, Yoga4Music optimizes body awareness and promotes an organic performance by releasing the ranges of:

- breathing
- concentration
- movement

Learn how to adjust your internal and external IMBALANCES and generate strength, space and coordination by expanding energy, improving reaction times, promoting perseverance and creativity.

Yoga4Music is a project by Lara Crepaldi with Pablo Volt on the TRUMPET.